Tarek N. Aziz, Ph.D (Google SchoTarek N. Azizlar) – Tarek is an assistant professor at NC State in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.  He grew up in Clemson, SC.  Tarek received his B.S. and M.S. from Clemson University and his Ph.D. from NC State. He now lives in Apex, NC. Tarek is interested in research that couples fluid mechanics to biological, chemical, and other physical processes.  In his spare time he loves spending time with his family, playing music, photography, reading, and playing video games.


Current Students


Arpit Sardana (PhD Student)Arpit Sardana
   Yue Han (PhD Student w/ Dan Obenour)
Anthony Young (MS Student w/ Francis de los Reyes)
Danielle Curri (Undergraduate Researcher w/ Jeremiah Johnson)

Previous Students

Hunter Long (MS Student w/ Joel Ducoste) – Paper, Thesis
Ling Wang (MS Student w/ Francis de los Reyes) – Paper, Thesis
Phillip Pressley (MS Student w/ Joe DeCarolis) – Paper, Thesis
Elvin Hossein (MS Student w/ Francis de los Reyes) – Research, Thesis
Alexandre Mangot (MS Student) – Thesis
Jeremy Smithheart (MS Student w/ Dan Obenour) – Thesis
Eric Polli (MS Student w/ Francis de los Reyes) – Thesis
Alexandra Dinwiddie (Undergraduate Researcher)
Nicholas Mazoleni (Undergraduate Researcher)
Liz Wallner (Undergraduate Researcher)
Parth Nabar (Undergraduate Researcher)

James McVey (Undergraduate Researcher)

Molly Burke (Undergraduate Researcher w/ Jeremiah Johnson)